My Guest Appearance on the “Tech Guys Who Invest” Podcast to Talk Angel Investing

I recently made a guest appearance on the podcast, “Tech Guys Who Invest.” The hosts Kevin and Adam are IT workers who invest in multifamily real estate and real estate notes. I, on the other hand, spend my time angel investing.

It was fun comparing and contrasting our different investing domains and the audience certainly heard about something new, i.e. angel investing.

I’ve invested in over 13 startups since 2010. I share tips on getting started and what I look at when evaluating startups. And, of course, suggest books to read.

You can play the podcast via the player below, through your favorite podcasting app, or even watch it on

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Dr. Kevin P. Taylor writes at on the entrepreneurial process, melding his decade+ of technology entrepreneurship experience (Obtiva acq’d by Groupon) with his rigorous doctoral research on angel investors, founders, motivation, and decision-making. To get more insights on founders and startups, visit his site.

Originally published at on June 22, 2020.



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Kevin Taylor

Stetson University professor with interests in startups, founders, motivation, productivity | Speaker | Formerly entrepreneur and 2x #Inc5000 CEO